our new gowns on Female Brides!

Yeay! the new issue of Female is finally on racks and you won’t want to miss our gowns!

This issue features 4 of our latest gowns and each gown have its own unique characteristic =)

The ballgown featured here is has a sweetheart silk chiffon (our favorite material^o^) bustier. The bottom is draped over with silk organza overlay for a light and soft finishing.Though it is not shown in the photo, this gown has tulle peeking out at the hems for a “floating/weightless” appearance.

Mermaid cut wedding gown with tulle pleated bodice fully accentuates the best of our bride’s figure while the layers (and layers) of hand-cut and sewn on tulle petals on the skirt  gives the gown perfect dreamy finish. Of course, with the long train, its a cherry on top.

Our signature short and always fun wedding/ROM gowns. =)

This bareback halter neck silk satin top with organza cutout ruffles skirt is a gown you wont want to miss. Great on most body types and extremely flattering on broad shoulder brides.

Our see through sequin frou frou gown.. is a treasure! Each of these sequins is individually sewn on to the gown for a figure flattering bodice. Paired with the extra flouncy skirt, you can’t help but want to twirl round and round the whole time you are in this dress!

As excited as we are? Give us a call to try these gowns, you wont be disappointed!

tying a perfect bow.. a step by step guide

We always get asked how to tie a perfect sash or ribbon tied bow, so here it is!

Step 1: Facing dress,cross the left tie over the right tie

Step 2: Wrap left tie under then over the right tie. The left tie should hang over the right tie as shown in the photo
Step 3: Taking the right tie that is under the left tie, form a “bent bunny ear”
Step 4: Tuck right tie “bent bunny ear” under the left tie to form the basic shape of the bow tie
Step 5: Wrap the “bent bunny ear”, tuck the left tie (the one hanging over) behind the “bent bunny ear” and pull through loop
Step 6:  After pulling through, a loose bow shape is form
Step 7: Tighten the bow to secure the bow
Step 8: Adjust bow to desired shape and length and we are done!

finishing the gown with a perfect bow

Add a perfect finishing touch to the wedding gown with beautiful bow…

Brides are often spoilt for choice when it comes to adding bows. =P From big elaborate bows to simple sash tied bows, different materials can be used to create different results.

Some brides prefer embellished decorative bows which immediately changes the overall look of a simple gown. These elaborate bows are usually pre-made and then sewn on the gowns or used as attachments.

For brides looking for understated glamour, brooches are also great addition to basic sash tied bows. For more great ideas on using bows, you can pop by Olive Suite to see some bows example we have done for inspiration!

…what lies within

It has been a busy week at Olive Suite, working on new designs while completing the finishing touches on wedding gowns… so many ideas but so little time! >.<

Image: Took a closed up shot of a lace applique on our gown and added a quote from our favorite poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson. “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.