fabric headpieces versus fresh flowers

It’s a very common question from brides: which is better, handmade fabric flower headpieces or fresh flowers?

Well, our answer is simple. Consider a few thing: Re-usability, Budget, Duration of usage and overall Look.

Fabric flowers are reusable for both photo shoots and actual day, it can also be worn for over a long period of time. Most importantly it helps completes the whole look of the bride as fabric flowers are highly flexible in design. The same material as the gown can be used to create the headpiece and additional materials such as lace and sparkle bits can be added to the headpiece. The design options is far more then fresh flowers. There are also some brides that prefer to keep their headpieces as mementos too.

On the flipside, cost of fabric flower headpieces are much higher then simply using just fresh flowers. So for budget conscious brides, fresh flowers are your best bets. Brides also  find fresh flowers as a better option for natural looking updos.

For the best of both worlds, Brides can mix both fresh flowers with fabric lace and crystal as headpieces. The benefits of such head pieces is that you get to choose and see the design of the headpieces before hand instead of depending on the different sprigs of flowers that is given by the florist.

At Olive Suite, we do both fabric only or fresh flower and fabric mixed headpieces for brides. Depending on the request, we can work on customized designs for brides. It is important to note that fresh flower headpieces can only be made and collected the day before the event and requires 8 weeks of notice.

Customized fresh flower head pieces starts from $180

If fresh flowers are too delicate for you, fabric flowers would be a better bet =)

Customized fabric flower head pieces starts at $45 for single unit flower and $150 onwards for fascinators, french veils and blusher.