tying a perfect bow.. a step by step guide

We always get asked how to tie a perfect sash or ribbon tied bow, so here it is!

Step 1: Facing dress,cross the left tie over the right tie

Step 2: Wrap left tie under then over the right tie. The left tie should hang over the right tie as shown in the photo
Step 3: Taking the right tie that is under the left tie, form a “bent bunny ear”
Step 4: Tuck right tie “bent bunny ear” under the left tie to form the basic shape of the bow tie
Step 5: Wrap the “bent bunny ear”, tuck the left tie (the one hanging over) behind the “bent bunny ear” and pull through loop
Step 6:  After pulling through, a loose bow shape is form
Step 7: Tighten the bow to secure the bow
Step 8: Adjust bow to desired shape and length and we are done!